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Notice! The hurricane has caused a large-scale shutdown of land, sea and air traffic in the country!
01.28.2023 | himobiservice | News

It is reported that on the 12th local time, Hurricane "Gabrielle" (Gabrielle) approached New Zealand. Many parts of the North Island of the country ushered in rainy weather and gradually strengthened. The current flood and strong winds have caused some roads to be closed, and tens of thousands of households have lost power. The hurricane also disrupted shipping and port operations in New Zealand, with shipping companies and ports issuing emergency notices.

Currently, train and ferry services in Auckland have been suspended, and the Harbor Bridge has also been closed. Air New Zealand said it had canceled all domestic flights to and from Auckland until noon on the 14th, as well as some international flights.

Affected by the cyclone, about 58,000 households in northern New Zealand have lost power, and some households may have to wait 7 days for power to be restored. In terms of traffic, on the 13th, the traffic flow in Auckland City was only 50% of normal days. As of the evening of the 13th, the local railway operation department canceled all trains that day. Air New Zealand also canceled more than 500 flights that day, affecting tens of thousands of passengers. Schools in many places had to announce temporary suspension of classes, and a large number of municipal facilities have also been closed.

Source: CCTV Finance


At 8:43 local time on February 14th, the New Zealand government announced that due to Hurricane "Gabriel" continuing to have a serious impact on people's production and life, New Zealand has entered a state of emergency.

According to reports, Hurricane "Gabriel" continued to hit the North Island of New Zealand at night on the 13th. The floods and landslides caused by heavy rains have forced the closure of many roads. At present, external traffic in parts of Hawke's Bay, Gisborne, Coromandel Peninsula and Auckland is interrupted, and communications in some places have also been seriously affected.

The country's meteorological department issued a red warning for heavy rain in many parts of New Zealand's North Island, while Hurricane "Gabriel" also disrupted New Zealand's shipping and port operations. The country's major container ports and shipping companies have issued emergency notices to suspend container operations, and the ports will be closed until at least this Wednesday (15th).

On 13 February, Maersk issued a notice stating that its team is working closely with affected terminals, warehouses and transport service providers in New Zealand to assess the ongoing impact of the situation on a service-by-service basis. Provide alternative supply chain routes where feasible to minimize disruption to the logistics network.

Source: Maersk Notice

According to notifications from major ports in New Zealand, ships in the Port of Tauranga will be required to depart from the Port of Tauranga anchorage and sail to sea until it is deemed safe to return. An operational update from Neptune Pacific Direct Line shows that operations at the Port of Tauranga resumed at 7am on Tuesday (14th).

The Port of Napier (Napier Port) closed the east gate on Monday night (13th) and confirmed that all ships had left their berths before the big waves came. Its latest notice stated that the port is expected to be closed until at least noon on Wednesday (15th).

New Zealand's deep-water commercial port Northport (Northport) announced on Monday that the port will be closed until at least 7am on Wednesday (February 15).

The Northern Ports Authority said that from 9:00 on the 10th until late Tuesday afternoon, Whangārei port (Whangārei) closed and stopped all commercial shipping activities. All port operations were canceled at the time, with only a skeleton crew remaining in port to monitor infrastructure and storm water levels.

On February 12, local time, the Port of Auckland, New Zealand's largest container port, issued a notice stating that due to the impact of Hurricane Gabriel, the Port of Auckland will suspend port operations from 3 pm on that day and clear all berthing ships. No other ships will be called until it is safe to do so, and demurrage will not be charged while the port is closed.

According to the latest notification on February 14, the Port of Oakland has passed the worst period of Hurricane Gabriel, and the strong winds may weaken later today, so the shipping activities in the Port of Oakland will resume limited from 19:00 today. Operations, and resume port container handling and terminal operations at 7:00 am on Wednesday (15th) as planned.

Source: The latest notice from the Port of Oakland